Special Guest: Crystal Blanchette

About Crystal Blanchette

Ceo of Inner City Kitchen and The Sports Nutrition Lab
Chef Crystal is a Private Chef and Nutrition Consultant to some of the world's most talented entertainers, athletes, and health enthusiasts. Crystal has over 15 years experience working with many high-profile clients including Snoop and Boss Lady Entertainment, Will Smith and the team at Westbrook, Will.i.am, Ellen, The Artist Prince, George Lucas (Lucas Films), Mike Tyson, and many more. A graduate of the California Culinary Academy and an alumni of San Diego State University with a degree in Nutritional Science, Chef Crystal has combined her education and professional training to formulate a community-based healthy cuisine ideology focusing on Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, and Mindset. Chef Crystal wears many hats: A co-parenting Mother of two, Chef/Nutritionist, Board Member to RMHC and Alexandria House, Partner in The Sports Nutrition Lab (nutrition and transformational wellness coaching for young professional athletes), Author, and lastly Owner of the culinary urban development project Inner City Kitchen. Inner City Kitchen, set to open in the city of South Los Angeles, caters to the community and established restaurants by providing healthy food education and an opportunity to offer a flagship food stall within the central location. The food stalls include an anchor tenancy by the iconic Sylvia’s of Harlem, a vertical garden in partnership with female black- owned Know Your Fruit Farms, a butchery, access to organic produce, beverage service, and entertainment. Chef Crystal believes we have lost touch with our communities and families by making eating a part of our daily checklist as opposed to a priority. It has become her mission to lead others in her philosophy that "Allow food to nurture your body by making it a priority and not a chore”

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