Special Guest: Shelly Lefkoe

About Shelly Lefkoe

Co founder of the Lefkoe Institute
Shelly Lefkoe is co-founder of the Lefkoe Institute (TLI). Her clients are people who've struggled with changing long-standing behavioral and emotional issues such as procrastination, fear and relationship issues ... and her approach frees them to live more joyful lives.  She does this by identifying the root causes of their problems - limiting beliefs.  And she can eliminate these beliefs in a matter of hours.  Her approach has been validated by independent research from the University of Arizona and published in the journal Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. So far her Lefkoe Institute has helped over 20,000  individuals make lasting changes to their behavior and emotions.  Her online programs have reached over 200,000  people worldwide.  Shelly is also a well-loved keynote speaker and workshop leader.  Her new book “Hitting the Wall - eliminate the beliefs that sabotage your business and your life.” will be released in June 2023.    

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