Special Guest: Susan Leahy MA CSP

About Susan Leahy MA CSP

Loving, Powerful, Committed Woman
Meet Susan Leahy, MA CSP, the founder of www.RobertsRulesMadeSimple.com, a global training and consulting company founded in 2004. As a certified speaking professional, personal coach, and passionate advocate for women, Susan has trained over 10,000 boards across the US and Canada in the fundamentals of Robert\'s Rules of Order. Susan specializes in working with meeting chairs who run meetings using Robert\'s Rules and helps to boost their confidence and competence in and out of the boardroom. Susan\'s work focuses on both the people and process side of meetings, and she believes that empowering your board chair and training your board members on how to use Robert\'s Rules of Order properly can generate a healthier and more productive board dynamics. Meetings should feel good. Susan has worked with prestigious clients like the City of Los Angeles, the FDA, various colleges and universities, the City of Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, The Office of Open Government in Washington DC, the State of Montana\'s Leuitient Governors Office, and many more. Her mission is to make meetings more productive and boards more healthy. With Susan\'s energetic and practical approach, you\'ll discover how something as serious as Robert\'s Rules of Order can be fun and straightforward to master. Get ready to transform your boardroom experience with Susan Leahy.

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